33 Years is a good start!

With the vision of One World Doing Business, since our origins in 1986, ALS Translators (formerly Ahpla), has provided answers to more than 10,000 multinational corporations and business executives. Throughout the years, we have amplified our range of linguistic services in the fields of translation, interpreting services and online language courses as well as in a vast array of industries including finance & banking, legal services, engineering, life sciences, intelligent systems, human resources and marketing.

All the divisions of ALS Translators include languages from every continent: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, German, Korean, Vietnamese, French, Italian, Persian, Polish, Ukrainian, Thai, and Turkish, to name a few.

Currently, you can find & employ ALS Translators language services from every corner of the world. ALS Translators is headquartered in New York, but is also present in Shanghai, Mexico City and Monterrey.

With the aim of offering you a high-level professional service in every area, we have integrated cutting-edge technology tools used for quality and process control.

With more than three decades of experience, we have put into practice all our professionalism, commitment, experience and resources to give you the certainty and peace of mind you need to achieve your goals. Let our language professionals manage your projects so that you can focus on your priorities.

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Jose Fonseca C

José Fonseca

Jose L. Fonseca is the founder and CEO of ALS Translators LLC (formerly AHPLA Institute). His passion for languages has been his primary driver during his journey in the corporate language world. His first degree was in economics by UNAM, he holds two master`s degrees: The first one is an MBA by Alliant University (formerly USIU in San Diego California) and the second one is an EMBA by IPADE Business School.

His career in the language industry started in 1984 teaching English to executives at Ericsson and Richardson Vicks. He founded AHPLA in 1986 and swiftly developed the skills to become a certified translator and interpreter leading AHPLA`s expansion in Mexico City, Monterrey, China and the USA. Jose founded ALS Translators, a reputable corporate language services company headquartered in New York City.

He is a family lover, he also loves swimming, watching movies and Netflix series. 


Peter Rul C

Peter Rul

Peter is ALS Translators’ administrator. As a disciplined, dedicated and reliable executive, Peter is the financial pillar of our organization. Peter majored in accounting and administration, but his career has been more focused on business administration. He has more than 30 years of experience in the administrative area of language institutions including AHPLA Institute and ALS Translators.

Among administrators, Peter is regarded as an icon in the language service providers industry. He is a valuable asset to ALS Translators.

Peter is a film lover, he likes to spend his weekend at home watching action, adventure and historical movies while eating his favorite snacks (peanuts).   





Mike Anaya C

Mike Anaya

Mike is a project manager at ALS Translators. He took an undergraduate program in food chemistry. His areas of expertise include project management, customer service, sales and Spanish and English language teaching to executives. Over the years Mike has developed skills to excel as a project manager at ALS Translators.

He coordinates corporate projects and language programs with the support of translators, interpreters and language specialists. He has developed abilities to solve technology challenges adopting newer systems and platforms used by ALS Translators. He is an incredible team player and leader.

His current hobbies include working out and biking. He likes coffee, pizza and desserts, especially chocolate cake.




Rodrigo Castillo

Rodrigo Castillo

Rodrigo is a Project Manager and Language Consultant at ALS Translators. He graduated from the Social Work Faculty of the UANL. He has more than 20 years of experience in the sales and project management world, 20 years in pediatric, geriatric, surgical instrumentalist, and trauma nursing, and 12 years in visual refraction and refractive surgery. He has worked with ALS Translators and AHPLA as a Project Manager and Language Consultant since 2011. Rodrigo has developed a set of skills which allow him to provide support to our clients solving their specific needs, taking their projects all around the world! He is also very supportive in our marketing, positioning and advertising areas.

Rodrigo’s passion is his family and his job. He loves fishing in his free time. Rodrigo cherishes the many memories he has fishing for black bass.

Katy Barnhart

Katy Barnhart

Katy Barnhart is our editor, she has close to 30 years’ experience in the publishing world. A native New Yorker, she has worked as an editor on a wide range of publications, from dictionaries, textbooks and doctoral dissertations to magazines, business reports and promotional material. She has worked with ALS Translators as an editor for more than two years. She currently lives in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and loves studying languages, reading and traveling.






Peter Pei

Peter Pei

Peter is a Chinese-English translator and proofreader with six years’ experience in the translation business as translator and project manager since his graduation in 2005 from a top 10 university in China. In 2011 alone, he translated around 500,000 words by himself. Peter has worked very closely with translation agencies in Europe, Mexico, India and Japan. He has very extensive business experience and a lawyer’s mindset, so he has a very good understanding of what kind of end product customers expect. His fortes include law, finance, economics, management, literature, mechanics and IT. Peter likes reading and hiking. He also loves travelling and doing volunteer work. His ideal is to make the world a better place while improving himself spiritually and physically




Brendan has been working with ALS Translators (AHPLA) as a Language Specialist and editor since 2001. He is from the U.S. and has a degree in History from the University of Wyoming. Brendan is regarded as one of our finest Language Specialists.

He has had great experience teaching our most advanced and specialized courses and editing a great many documents in a variety of fields. He has represented ALS Translators in companies such as Zurich, CItibank, Procter & Gamble, Aon, Yum, Pernod Ricard (Domecq), Penguin Random House Mondadori, Pepsico, Prudential, Acciona, H&M, Timex, Nike, and Western Union.







Tracey is from England. She has been working as a translator for ALS Translators (formerly AHPLA) since October, 2005. She worked as a trilingual personal assistant for various companies in Paris, France and Madrid, Spain, including Clifford Chance, Sony Music and Walt Disney Records. She attended Oxford Brookes University in the UK where she successfully completed a degree in Languages for Business (French and German), as well as Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland where she studied a Postgraduate Diploma in Translating and Conference Interpreting (French and Spanish).

She speaks English, Spanish and French. When she’s not working as a taxi driver for her two children and translating for ALS Translators, she likes to read, cook and travel!





Jason is from Australia. He has been working as a translator for ALS Translators (formerly AHPLA) since February, 2002. Prior to that (January, 1999) he had worked with our company as a Language Specialist in English.

Jason attended Gawler High School and went on to the University of South Australia where he successfully completed the degree in Natural Resource Management. He has since studied ELT in the British Council (Mexico) and the British Language Center (Spain), as well as the Spanish Language (CEPE-UNAM).

He likes to play with his children, watch soccer and work out at the gym.

He first left Australia back in 1994 to tour Asia before heading to Canada for a working holiday. Afterward he had the opportunity to travel through the USA before ending up in Mexico where he met his wife and the wonderful people at ALS Translators and AHPLA.



George is from London, UK and has a background in international relations and languages. He has worked for ALS Translators as a Language Specialist and editor since 2015.

He enjoys traveling, especially discovering Mexico and Latin America. He has taught English in Spain and Mexico, and teaches at a wide range of multinational companies. He also translates from Spanish to English and does proofreading and editing work.







Ana is half Brazilian and half Mexican.

She has been working as a Portuguese-Spanish-Portuguese translator for ALS Translators since 2018.

She graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and holds a Master’s Degree in Law. She likes to travel and try different food.

“Growing up with two cultures, two countries and different traditions has made me a very eclectic person.”





Elena has been working as a translator for ALS Translators since 2017.

She studied at ISIT and has a degree in Translation. She also has a postgraduate degree in Literary Translation from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

She became a translator because one of her favorite hobbies is reading. She loves reading and enjoys learning about different things. She also likes to practice Pilates to keep fit and relaxed. She loves dogs. She shares the following comment about her two dogs: “They´ve inspired me to take Grooming courses and learn about breeds. I even took a course on Veterinary Translation recently, to help specialists learn more on how to treat these beautiful beings.”



Ruth has been working as a conference interpreter for ALS Translators since 2016.

She attended Paris IV Sorbonne and has a degree in French Literature.

She likes going to the theater and the movies.

She expresses her passion for her job as follows: “I love the interpreting profesión. Since we work with very varied subjects and we never stop learning.”

Bonjour.  J’ai travaillé en tant qu’interprète de conférence pour ALS Translators depuis 2016. J’ai étudié à Paris IV Sorbonne. J’ai un diplôme en Lettres Modernes.

J’aime le théâtre et le cinéma.

La profession d’interprétation me passionne puisqu’on travaille sur des sujets très variés et on ne cesse d’apprendre.



Galia has been working as a simultaneous interpreter and translator for ALS Translators since 2014.

She graduated from the Anglo-American University Center, and has a degree in Simultaneous Interpreting and Translation.

She likes listening to music and the circus arts. She expresses her passion as follows: “I have been interpreting and translating for 13 years now, and every day I do it, I have the opportunity to learn something new and I get paid for it. I love my job!”





Ana 2


Ana has been a translator from English and Spanish to Portuguese since 2007. She has been working for ALS Translators since 2015. With a BA in Languages, Post-Graduation and Masters in Translation and several training courses around the world, Ana is experienced in a wide range of areas. Ana works with translation, proofreading, editing and postediting tasks. Ana has also been an Associate Board Member of the International Mentoring Association and Associate Board Member of APTRAD (Portuguese Translators’ Association) since January 2019. As hobbies, Ana likes to travel, to know more about airlines, hotels, and new places. Ana likes to listen to music, watch FOX series and she is interested in mentoring and training for translators.



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