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Employee Surveys

You need to assess your employees’ behavior and conduct in critical areas such as values, company policies, compliance, ethics codes, morale, teamwork and management styles and effectiveness. Our language specialists will provide you with a personalized service via interpretations -verbally- on your premises or remotely -in writing- translating valuable information under the strictest confidentiality.

Compensation and Benefits

Our translators will not only convert your information into the target language, but they will also adapt it to the local systems used in the country where your compensation and benefits policies will be implemented.



 Safety, Discipline and Ethics

The scope of safety has had a tremendous impact on your organization’s long-term success in global markets. By the same token, your collaborators or associates’ discipline and ethics are key factors in the compliance of your strategic goals. Our translators will enable you to express your organization’s vision, practices and policies with accuracy, taking into account those fine cultural details, and thus avoiding any potential risk of misinterpretations or misunderstandings.

Online ALS Diagnostic Test for recruitment

How can you be certain your new hire will truly communicate with their counterparts in countries where other languages are spoken? ALS’ native language specialists will assess your candidates’ command of a foreign language in areas such as speaking, listening, writing, reading and grammar. You will receive a report with an international scale along with the candidate`s results, strengths and areas for improvement. This report will allow you to determine whether or not your candidate has the right profile in terms of language command.

Online and on-site language training

With the support of AHPLA Institute’s infrastructure, you can choose between online and in person executive language programs. AHPLA and ALS Translators are sister companies and will work hand in hand with you from the start to the completion of your language programs. Our native language specialists will provide you with the personalized attention you need to address your priorities in order to communicate effectively in the global business arena.

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