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Document Translation

ALS Translators has the infrastructure to translate manuals, reports and all kinds of information in a vast array of language combinations and fields including:

financial, bank statements, audits, reports, engineering, legal documents, contracts, lawsuits, agreements, birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, documents for residence, procedures abroad, bills of lading, chemistry, pharmaceutical, sanitary registrations, satellites, construction, IT, X-rays, medicine, declaratory notes of medical fitness, HR, marketing, advertising campaigns, market research, video scripts, surveys, questionnaires, business plans, ethics codes, training materials, user manuals, formulae, flow charts, patents and trademarks, web pages, video games, electronics, aerospace, turbines, government, diplomatic agreements, among others.

Website Localization

You already commercialize a product or a service successfully. Now you want to get a big step ahead of the competition by taking it to a different area of the world. Perhaps you already have a website in the target language, but your new market speaks a dialect that stands out for its grammar and vocabulary. You need to adapt the language to the specific region. You want to be totally sure that the content of your website is relevant and appealing to the culture and roots of the country or region you are moving into. While maintaining the essence of your message, our team of regional native experts will go beyond a simple translation or correction; they will adapt your website for the new linguistic and cultural context.


Subtitling and Voice-over

You have videos that show the success of your company, products or services. You want to reach your employees or clients in other regions of the world, or even all over the world. We have the editors specialized in subtitling who will be able to depict your message, enhancing its distinctive features in every region or culture to generate a positive impact on your audience.

Our voice-over team will allow you to get your message across to your audience in a clear, consistent and grammatically correct manner. You will have the certainty that your documentary clips and digital learning materials get adopted by every region as their own.   




You have just had an incredible meeting with your team to develop a series of strategies for your company, an interview with new potential partners to pioneer a new project or maybe a focus group session to analyze or introduce a brand or a product.

It is all recorded and now you face the fact that it is rather complicated to work with your material, especially when the recording quality is not what you expected. Our native ALS transcriptionists will put you at ease by converting any recorded material into a legible text for you to work faster and without any inconvenience.



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