Translations of legal documents involve a complex challenge both for lawyers and language specialists. You need to be sure, with the support of our experts, that you will create successful long-term relationships with your clients. We have a savvy group of translators and interpreters who will guarantee that the provisions of the legal system will be fully understood so that they are enforced to benefit your clients.

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Legal Documents

You need to submit translated documents that strongly support your clients’ claims. Since 1986, via AHPLA Institute’s language services, we have developed long-term relationships with the most reputable global corporations and specialized law firms. We have provided support in common fields of law such as criminal, contract and constitutional law, as well as other important fields like banking law, tax law, business law, intellectual property, corporate law, labor law, insurance law and litigation, among others.




Certified Translations

ALS Translators will make it easy to successfully prepare all the translated documents needed to apply for visas or deal with any legal requirements. During your immigration process, we will provide you with the professional assistance you need to submit certified translated documents in different languages. Our services include the translation of contracts, transcriptions, employee handbooks, birth, death, marriage, and divorce certificates, and many more.




Bids and Contracts

By clearly defining the scope of your work you optimize the use of your time and resources. ALS Translators will assist you with all the translated information required in your bidding process. Our team of experienced specialists will allow you to build a solid bidding process.

By the same token, when you draw up and analyze contracts, you need to take into consideration the limited amount of time that your team has to complete the process successfully. Our specialized linguists will be in charge of managing your contents to provide you with the legal documents needed in the target language, freeing up your team to spend their time on critical business challenges.


Your witness’ sworn out-of-court testimony is an important part of the discovery process which may be used at trial. You need to be certain the deponent’s testimony will be transmitted with accuracy. Our interpreters have the legal acumen required to express your witness’ information with effectiveness including fine details such as interjections and colloquial expressions.




On-site and remote legal interpretations

When you need to be sure you will have the support of the best legal interpretation services, it is necessary to rely on the experience and expertise of a professional language service provider like ALS Translators. We have the most talented legal interpreters with decades of proven results assisting Fortune 500 companies and prestigious law firms. No matter where the testimony takes place, you will have the flexibility of using our on-site or remote interpretation services. With our remote interpretation services, you can use our state-of-the-art technology to allow several parties to virtually “attend” a deposition simultaneously without commuting to the same place, using webcams, desktop computers or mobile devices. Our web-based platform supports 26 participants and up to 1,000 if necessary.

Mergers, LBOs, Divestitures and Joint Ventures

The only constant in today`s business world is change. You need to be certain your merger, LBO, divestiture or joint venture will run smoothly, paying attention to details that will prevent unexpected or unforeseen upheavals. Our specialized linguists will assist you to ensure the soft landing of your strategies, avoiding potential legal risks.





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